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At Peace Body Arts is dedicated to giving our clients the best possible experience. We carry only the highest quality body jewelry from companies that hand make our jewelry from metal forgery to the final polishing in the USA. Our custom tattoos are done with care and expertise and are created to suit your tastes. We believe that your safety is of the utmost importance. This is why we are committed to cleanliness and using state-of-the-art sanitation and sterilization equipment to keep our shop in tip-top shape! You'll find that each visit is a personalized experience, as we make sure that every service you get from us is tailored to your needs and desires.



Our Services



Featured Artist : Josh Dix  

With 8 years of professional expertise, Josh Dix brings you the greatest tattooing experience in the area! Fully custom designs, guaranteed, each piece will be unique, personalized, and tailored perfectly for you! Every setup is single use and disposable, ensuring your safety and maintaining a clean work space. We stand behind our work 100% and will make sure your experience with us is a positive memory to cherish for the rest of your life! Your not just investing in art, you are investing in your beautiful future! 

Our daily consultation hour is from 12 pm - 1 pm Tuesday through Saturday, if that time frame doesn't fit your schedule, just give us a call and we'll see what other times we can offer you.

Minimum setup fee : 60$

Hourly fee : 100$/hr

We offer cover-ups & touch ups and would LOVE to breathe new life into older pieces that may have faded over the years, or have become outdated to the person you are today! 

Stop on by or give us a call for future inquires : +1603.948.1110


Colors, colors, colors!! We have over 29 different colors that we can change your implant grade titanium or niobium jewelry into!!! We offer this service FREE for all of our initial piercings. Below is a full list of the standard colors we can offer you: 



We offer gentle and effective stretching techniques to ensure the safety of your piercing and get you to your goal size in a timely manner! NO MORE BLOWOUTS!! We have nourishing oils to keep your stretching channels hydrated and healthy, allowing for proper stretching to occur. With our know-how, jewelry quality, and hands on approach, you will leave satisfied and ready to achieve your ultimate size goal!


Custom orders

We only use the highest quality and safest materials this industry has to offer! This allows us to guarantee each piece of jewelry to stand against the test of time. Almost all of our jewelry has a LIFETIME guarantee. This covers you if the gem starts to lose clarity, gets shaky in the setting, or just all around looks like a low quality cheap piece of mall jewelry. We also ship internationally in case you wont be in the area for long! That way you can still get those amazing prices  no matter where your travels take you! 


COnsultations / appointment booking

We offer a consultation hour from 12 pm - 1 pm with our resident artist ; Josh Dix. At this time you can discuss design ideas, color choices, scheduling, placement, and sizing options. If you have reference material that you would like used, please bring it! We love to see what your inspiration is, and this eases in the process of designing the perfect piece for you! 


Featured Artist : Spooky Graves

You deserve the highest quality, and safest materials around. All of our initial piercing jewelry is made of ASTM F136 6Al-4V titanium. Other than a bunch of letters and numbers, that means it is implant grade and bio compatible, leaving you with the safest jewelry you can obtain. This ensures a safe and fast healing process, and with such great quality comes great responsibility. 

We carry the industries top companies in body jewelry to ensure 100% satisfaction. Every piece is meticulously crafted and inspected to guarantee the quality you deserve, and expect from us. We give you a LIFETIME guarantee on a majority of our jewelry to make sure you get exactly what you expected from us, even years down the road.  

Some of the materials we love to carry are, but not limited to : 

Titanium  // Niobium // Gold // Brass // Pyrex // Stone // Bone // Shell // Horn // Wood // Gemstone

We carry all the best jewelry styles : Thread-less / Internal Threading / Captive and more!

If you have questions on safe standards, appropriate jewelry choices, or just want to nerd out about our jewelry, stop on by or give us a call +1603.948.1110


We have been the only American studio to prototype and test hundreds of these new and amazing MACROdermals. This new design allows; comfort of wear, fast and effective healing, 3x the options for jewelry, and a greatly increased lifetime expectancy. Our gentle approach allows your body to heal with minimal effort or discomfort. Ensuring the quality you know and love from us, our aftercare gives you the best results possible to achieve the maximum duration of wear compared to any other. 


We will clean, repolish, and sterilize your jewelry for you to ensure the happiness and health of your piercing! 

We support your body modification process every step of the way. From design until fully healed, you have US in YOUR corner ensuring a ‘Happy & Healthy’ result everytime!






Ear :  Lobe // Rook // Helix // Snug // Conch // Tragus // Anti-Tragus // Daith // Forward Helix // Industrial (counts as 2+ piercings) //

Oral & Orofacial : Lip // Tongue // Web // Cheek // Philtrum 

Facial & Body: Eyebrow // Nostril // Septum // Navel // Nipple 




Anodization is an electrochemical process that coverts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant anodic oxide finish. What does that means to you? You have over 29 color choices to change your metal into that is safe and wont flake off! We offer this server for FREE for all of our initial piercings. If you bring in your own jewelry, its just 10$ for the process. 




Genital piercing Fee

Male : Ampallang // Apadravya // Prince Albert (PA) // Frenum // Jacobs Ladder // Dydoe // Guiche // Hafada // Reverse PA 


Female : Clitoral Hood (VCH) // Christina // Labia // Triangle // Fourchette // Princess Diana 



Our current resident artist Josh Dix, is the master of illustrative and creative tattoo styles. He brings you quality custom work, backed with a wealth of knowledge even the Illuminati would be jealous. Tues-Saturday 12pm-1pm we offer a FREE consultation hour. This allows the discussion of design, location, sizing, pricing, and booking.




Macrodermal Piercing fee

Single point piercings with a 14/12g threading to allow for the most options ever!! Double the choices, double the fun! These piercings look great on : 

Cheekbones // Minds Eye // Chest // Forearms // Hips // Lower Back 


Tattoo : Daily rate

Josh offers an all day session to start and achieve the most out of your tattoo experience. This saves you money in the long run, and will get your tattoo finished sooner than later! 








We want to make ourselves  available as much as possible for our clients, so we give you a few ways to get in touch, and stay in touch! 

CALL US AT :                                       +1603.948.1110

VISIT OR SNAIL MAIL US AT :        20 North Main St. Rochester, NH, 03867 

DIGITAL SNAIL MAIL  :                    Atpeacebodyarts@gmail.com 


Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you ASAP! 


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